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The soul of Ci.F.All. resides in design and production of accessoires for aluminium shutters. Ci.F.All. s.r.l. was born forty years ago from the experience of blacksmith Pietro Nastasi, who started with a mechanical press the production of accessories for Genovese-style shutters. With the positive market response, the company grows over the years, new machinery arrives, and month after month, production extends to new accessories, until it comes to the creation of a complete range of hardware for Genoa-style shutters, made of iron and aluminum, and, thanks to its own paint system, available in 12 different colors.

From this great experience in the field also comes the Giroblok, a simple and effective anti-burglary system to increase the safety of blinds and shutters.

cifall painting genova hardware shutters

cifall ferramenta genova dark shutters

In Ci.F.All. Genoese shutter hardware, are used coils of Aluminium Alloys, which are powder coated and thanks to the remarkable ductility, they are extremely easy to work. In addition, high-quality powder coating guarantees a long service life and requires very little maintenance. In fact, the thickness of the paint layer is significantly higher than that obtainable with liquid paint and the mechanical features of hardness and elasticity, can be very high.

All accessories are realized in a wide range of colors, ranging from classic ones to those more rough and resistant and even marbled, which aesthetically replace classic colors. A shutter made with the Genoese shutter hardware of our brand is equal to have a product with major advantages. The most noticeable one is the absolute lack of maintenance, both for cleaning and maintaining the product in good condition. Moreover, they not only withstand the weather perfectly, but show their best side also from the aesthetic point of view.

Ci.F.All. s.r.l product accessories for Genoa-style shutters for over forty years and the acquired experience, during this long way will allow us to meet the demands of an increasingly exacting clientele.

Want more about Ci.F.All world? Visit the official website

Ci.F.All. hardware hinges for powder coated aluminum shutters

cifall genova accessories for dark and shades

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