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Ariston is an Italian manufacturer of articles for glaziers and window manufacturers.
Since 1978 the Ariston guarantees high quality products that will last over time.

Ariston guarantees to customers that the products are of high quality and have the longest duration.
In fact, the guns have clutch plates (clutch trigger) cemented, therefore, do not undergo wear.
In addition to the suction cups it is used a special rubber highly elastic and durable.

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Gun Clutch Silicone type TABsp Ariston

$ 5,31

Gun Clutch Silicone type SPRS Ariston

$ 26,72

Pliers "Trag-Glass" for Lifting Glass Ariston

$ 87,74

Brass Compass for Glass engravings Ariston

$ 36,34

Plastic compass for Glass engravings Ariston

$ 32,34

Block Line for Glass Cutting Type BR Ariston

$ 26,90

Three suction plates for Glaziers and Investments Ariston

$ 41,86

Sucker with vacuum gauge 200mm Ariston

$ 88,47